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About the show

Sins of Steel is a car show for people who build and drive their own traditional hot rods and customs, and those who admire traditionally styled cars. Sins of Steel is produced and run by four car clubs who have joined forces to produce a car show that celebrates those rare individuals who possess the passion to create their own unique vehicles, and the skills to bring that vision to life. It is for running, driving cars that are owner built, on a budget. This show is a reaction to the "checkbook rod," cars that cost a fortune and have miles of shine, but zero heart. But more importantly, it acknowledges and honors the spirit of American ingenuity.

The show was originally called Billetproof, and held in Davisburg, Michigan, since its inception in 2004. The title Billetproof is a reference to expensive parts milled from billets of aluminum that adorned all of the high-dollar cars in the 80s and 90s (and still today). Billetproof was originally started in the SanFrancisco Bay area in 1997 as the brainchild of then-Poor-Boys-member Kirk Jones. It had its humble beginnings in the parking lot of a bowling alley, but rapidly developed a cult following and became one of the most popular traditional car shows on the West Coast. After having gone out to California several years for the show, members of the Detroit chapter of the Poor Boys wanted to bring it to Michigan. To tackle the task, they enlisted the help of their friends in another club, The Peckerheads. With The Peckerheads on board, it was now possible to come up with the money to secure The Davisburg 4H Fairgrounds and insure the event, provide amenities, and promote the show.

The clubs handled registration, the swap meet, the vendors, parked the cars, etc. etc. etc., and Kirk came out with a new array of gorgeous Billetproof merch every year like tshirts, limited edition silkscreened posters, patches, and you name it. Every year he would emcee the show, judge the cars, and present the handmade trophies which were created by members of the Poor Boys. Poor Boys from other chapters would make the trip out and meet up with the guys from Detroit. It was a weekend that everyone looked forward to all year long. Awesome.

Each year the show was better attended, and as it evolved several attractions were added. Members of the clubs talked the fairgrounds into letting them pour a purpose-built concrete burnout slab with special anchors. The anchors were hooked up to cars to keep them from flying out of control as they smoked their tires in displays of raw power. It was the beginning of what would become a signature event at the show: The Burnout Contest. Eventually Billetproof would include figure eight racing, a pinstriper's panel jam, a model car builders contest, live bands, artists and vendors, a pinup contest and more.

Billetproof Motor City Mayhem (which in all fairness is some 30 odd miles north of Detroit) continued to grow every year, and Kirk was considering expanding the show to include other states. However, he wound up selling the show instead. Billetproof was purchased in 2007 by an entrepreneur, and Kirk went on to other endeavors.

The Poor Boys and Peckerheads, and later the Detroit Road Devils, and Nightmares car club as well continued to support the show under the new ownership and struck a handshake deal with the new owner to secure the fairgrounds for the next five years. The new owner shipped in merchandise and flew in the day of the show, emceed it, and flew out. The Billetproof franchise was expanded to include Florida, Texas, and Washington. Somewhere along the way the figure eight races were dropped from Motor CIty. The sun didn't shine quite as brightly, and the birds weren't singing as loudly. Still, Billetproof Motor City Mayhem 2009 upped the bar for attendance once more. However, unbeknownst to almost everyone, it would be the last time Billetproof would ever be held in Davisburg.

In October of 2009, on a voice mail, the clubs were notified that Billetproof was moving. The new owner had struck a deal to move the event to another location, citing the appeal of grassy parking, rustic cafes, and proximity to good fishing.

So, what do you do if Billetproof breaks up with you on an answering machine, and you suddenly find your self with a three-year lease on a fairgrounds that has no show? You knuckle down and have your OWN show! That's what!

Poor Boys, Peckerheads, Detroit Road Devils, and Nightmares C.C. proudly present Sins of Steel! Yes, the Davisburg show is still on, it's just better now. The burnout contest, minibike races, pinstriper's panel jam, model car show, live bands, pinup girls, figure 8 races, and of courser the trophies everyone goes nuts over. And most importantly, home built, owner-driven traditional hot rods and customs!

See ya there!