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Once again this year Sins of Steel will be having mini bike races. In contrast to last year's wild & wooly vibe, this year there are a few more rules to follow. Download the registration form and rules.

Mini Bike Races

Each rider must have a helmet, long pants, boots and eye protection of some sort.
Every bike will have to be placed in the staging area pending an inspection. After passing the inspection the bike will be tagged and must remain in the staging area. No mini bikes will be allowed to ride around in the show area.
There will be three classes: Traditional (T), Outlaw (O), and Obscenely Overpowered (OO).
    Traditional Mini Bike Class
  • Bikes with a motor 5hp or under. Yes, you can modify your motor, but if it's all tricked out with nitrous and a blower on it you will probably be placed in the outlaw class.
  • Single speed (no Torq-A-Verter style clutches)
  • Maximum 6" rim
    Outlaw Class
  • Everything else
    Obscenely Overpowered Class
  • Everything else else