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Ye Olde Rules

Sins of Steel is a traditional hot rod and custom show. It features 1964 and prior TRADITIONAL style rods and customs ONLY!

Fenderless + IFS = JANKY!
  • No visible billet anything! Especially wheels!
  • No 80s graphic, Night Ranger playing, big-haired pro-street cars
  • No trailer queens
  • No IFS on fenderless cars
  • No mag wheels made after the 60’s
  • Traditionally styled choppers and bobbers ONLY! (No fat-tired theme bikes)

HOWEVER… If your car is fits the vibe of the show, but not necessarily the exact letter of the law, you may still enter it. For instance, say you made a sweet altered-wheel-base straight-axle gasser made out of a Comet, but it's a 65. You will probably get in. We'd gladly trade one of these awesome exceptions to the rule for ten lame-o cars that fall within the date restrictions. We're not The Cool Police (alright, we are, but whatever) but there is a type of car that this show is all about. You probably know what we're talking about and everything is cool. However, if you are clueless and bring a PT Cruiser with red rims and flat black paint, you will be deferred to the "Not ready for prime time" lot. Just so you know.

Sins of Steel goes on rain or shine, and there are no refunds.